It's a hermit eat hermit world out there (looking at you introverts), and Shelldon is doing his best to survive. Collect shells to build your house.

move with WASD/Arrows
attack with (holding) spacebar


-BEN(@ben3683914) for his infinite stream of support!


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As always, the narratives and dialog in these Ratherjolly specials are one of a kind and top notch in the audio quality department! Great game! I feel like I was quite educated about the nature of hermit crabs after playing this wonderful game.

I also like that our teams both choose the sea as part of our games, haha. Great minds think alike!

BRILLIANT! Great to see we both know what's up!
Thank you for playing!  I was able to get the majority of recorded Audio in there, so I'd say that's a win.

Already looking forward to the next project I can fine tune some of this stuff xD